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    The Sartore SRL started with the production of welding positioners in the early 90s.
    The initial goal is to meet the needs of national carpentry industry, providing quality machinery with the aim of facilitating the processes of welding.
    The spirit of research and constant progress that have always distinguished the company led in 1997 to the re-elaboration of all models.
    The products were characterized by an innovative design and new technological features to maximize performance.
    The complete definition of the entire range thanks to the production of new machinery allows the factory to satisfy the flexible and specific needs of customers.
    This compelling step forward has opened the doors of the international market and the increase of the demand has made the expansion of the company necessary.
    The year 2009 marks the opening of another branch affiliated, specifically in charge of the design, assembly and manufacturing of welding positioners, while the storage area remained at the original site.
    This growth made the production process even more efficient, optimizing phases and timing with the aim to ensure complete customer satisfaction.